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Woho´s new Music score book for accordion now on sale

Woho Music Production was founded in 1997 and created

by Wolfgang Hoelzle.

After Graduation from the University with a major in Accordion, Piano and

Organ, Wolfgang Hoelzle started to teach accordion and organ at the Music

school of Vaterstetten near Munich and later on teaching Accordion for Swiss

Accordion Teacher association in Bern. Also played concerts with the German

Organ Company Wersi at many different locations, later on he changed to play for Technics Musical Instruments Switzerland several Digital Piano, Organ and

Keyboard concert demos in Switzerland and Germany.

He went also to the United States for some Accordion concerts at TV-Stations such as Wobo Batavia Station in Cinncinati, Ohio or Honolulu Radio-Station

Brunch concert at Hilton Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii, and the German Oktoberfest

at Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii.

In 1995 a big chance came up when he moved to Japan where he started to teach German and Music first at the International School, later on he moved on to

teach at the University of Tokyo. After two years working at the University of Tokyo he moved on to teach German at the University of Utusnomiya where

he is now for the past 18 years and celebration his 18 years anniversary this year.

He also started to study again at several Universities in the US where he finished

with a Masters in Music and later Ph.d. in Music following further studies in

Music therapy.

Woho also appear on several TV CM such as

Sekisui Heim, Mc Donalds

Karuisawa CM, Sailor Moon

and German Education program where one

of his original songs were the theme song for three years.

Also performing

for the music video of ELT ( Every little thing )

In 1997 he made his first CD " Magical Accordion1 "

and the following years 4

more CD´s such as

" Magical Accordion 2 " ,

" Magical Accordion 3 " and

" Woho´s Journey "

was produced and one music coursebook

which is puplished worldwide.

" Musette de Paris "

where all songs was composed by Wolfgang Hoelzle.

Wolfgang Hoelzle plays in Japan,

China and Australia concerts, gives seminars

in German Music culture,, further how to relax

by using or listening music.

Woho Music Production starting also language courses

in cooperation with

Woho Edu Academy you can start anytime

just send us the application form.

See download form below:

Application Form 2

Application Form 4

Woho Music Production

Dr. Wolfgang Hoelzle

1-4-20 Rokkakubashi, Kanagawa-ku

221-0802 Yokohama-Shi, Japan

Phone: 045-432-3740

Phone : 045-451-0483

E-mail: Woho Music Production

or WMP Event info

We speak German, Japanese and English 

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